Why would an Author want a VBT?


Unless you are an author at the top of your game, most authors need to market and promote their book in order for people to be aware of its existence. It does not matter whether you are an author with a new book or an author with a book that has been in print for a while and sales have declined or perhaps sales are good and you want to reach a new audience; marketing and promotion are not just necessary they are key features and an important part of any sales strategy.

Unfortunately your book will not sell itself and there is only one thing that will sell your book – YOU. In order for that to happen you need increased exposure thus enabling your book to be seen not just by more people but by people who love books and reading.  The more book lovers who know about it the greater the chance of increasing your fan base, achieving some sales and receiving those all important positive reviews which are like gold in the book world.

Remember too that when a book signing at a local bookstore is over, you go home and if you are lucky there may be an article of the event in a local newspaper but little else. With the internet any recommendations, reviews and conversations about your book stay there for years and are picked up by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So when someone searches for your book on Google, multiple listings would appear and this shows that your work is being talked about, that it is known and ‘out there’ and it helps create a positive experience for an interested person. Today most of us will check out a product on the internet before purchasing and look for reviews and recommendations; book buyers are no different.