Liz Riley Jones

hiraeth-profile3Author Liz Riley Jones has always been interested in her Celtic roots, female empowerment, and druidism.

These themes have been drawn together in her powerful trilogy – Hiraeth. Hiraeth is a contemporary story conjured from a Celtic past. Druidism, Paganism and Celtic myth. The story centres around a young woman who has lived with her family on the run – but not knowing what from. After losing her family she is sent to Wales to find some distant relatives. She finds them but no answers, and whilst dealing with this confusing situation she finds something unexpected – love.

This love splits the community. Her emerging powers split it further. As she becomes brave enough to confront the bigotry, it allows her to see beyond the tight, insular community she has become part of and see a larger world full of emerging danger. She leads the group in preparing against this danger. But can she face involving the whole community in the dangerous fight – or should she abandon the community, and her love, and take on the fight alone? Either way she must break an age-old cycle to win the peace she craves.

Liz Riley Jones has set the story in the centres of the Celtic fringe – Anglesey in Wales, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Hebrides and Cornwall. These are also some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in the UK in Ireland. Their remote locations lead them to being suspended between the contemporary world and that of the mid 20th century.

Liz has captured the tension of these forces in these remote communities and the appeal they have to people wanting to escape or hide from the modern world. She also shows how futile that ambition can be!

Join Mona’s journey from a girl on the run to a woman on a mission.

Hiraeth is due to be released December 2014.

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