Terms & Conditions

The Author

  1. Prior to booking a virtual book tour, it is understood an Author has read the following information on this website:
    1. Author Information & FAQ page
    2. Services & Pricing page
    3. Terms & Conditions
  2. An Author can book a tour if:
    1. their book is already published or
    2. when their book cover is finalised and signed off and they have a firm release date.
  3. An Author can book a tour for a book in either paper or electronic format.
  4. Only one book is toured per package. If an Author has another book they wish to promote, a separate tour should be purchased.
  5. Payment is via PayPal only. If you do not have a PayPal account you can simply pay with your Debit or Credit Card as PayPal do not require you to have an account in order to process payment.
  6. By booking and paying for a tour an Author acknowledges, understands and agrees to these Terms & Conditions.
  7. On receipt of payment an Author permits Author Media UK to organise a Virtual Book Tour (VBT) on their behalf.
  8. Once work commences on organising a tour, no refunds will be issued and payment is final and non-refundable.  Work will commence within 24 hours of receipt of payment and the media kit information from the Author.
  9. Authors will provide us with specific information about their book in order for Author Media UK to produce a media kit and plan and schedule a VBT.  ‘Specific information’ includes (but is not exclusive to) book name, book title, excerpts, number of pages, publisher, book cover photo, author bio, author photo etc.
  10. An Author understands that Author Media UK will schedule a genre specific tour as much as possible but where genre cannot be matched, we will schedule a stop or stops we believe to be suitable for your book.
  11. Tour stops are normally on weekdays.
  12. Tour stops currently take place in the UK, USA and Ireland. Australia and Canada will be available soon.
  13. When tour stops are hosted outside of the UK & Ireland, an Author should note there may be time zone differences on when a review post goes live.
  14. An Author understands he/she is responsible for active participation in the tour specifically in relation to:
    1. providing all tour hosts with a free copy of their book be it in printed or electronic format and by the requested deadline.
    2. all postage charges relating to the supply of a free book to a tour host is the responsibility of the Author.
    3. once a tour host has received a book, it become their property and is not returnable.
    4. visiting tour host blogs throughout the tour and acknowledging/commenting on any posts and thanking hosts and readers and
    5. being polite and courteous to hosts and readers.
  15. An Author understands they are responsible for promoting their tour on their website and social network pages.
  16. An Author will read and follow the guidelines contained in the document ‘How to Have a Good Virtual Book Tour.’  As a courtesy and in order to assist authors further, we will also issue you with a help sheet ‘How to Optimise your Website for a Virtual Book Tour.‘  Both documents are sent after a tour has been booked and paid for together with the ‘Media Kit Information‘ document.
  17. In the event a tour host fails to post the agreed tour stop on their blog despite reminders from Author Media UK, we will endeavour to secure another tour stop for the Author, however, due to tour time constraints this stop may be outside the tour schedule dates.
  18. An Author, under no circumstances, will approach a tour host and offer any form of incentive for a good review.  If an Author does this, Author Media UK will immediately cease to represent them and their book, and any scheduled tour stops will be cancelled.  No refund will be issued.
  19. If an Author has a complaint about the services provided by Author Media UK, they should submit their complaint in writing via the Contact page on this website or by email to info@authormedia.co.uk.
  20. If an Author does not agree with these Terms & Conditions, they should not book a tour.

Author Media

  1. It is understood that an Author who books and pays for a tour, understands and agrees to these Terms & Conditions.
  2. On receipt of payment for a tour and the media kit information provided by an Author, Author Media UK will plan and schedule a Virtual Book Tour on behalf of the Author and their designated book.
  3. Author Media UK will commence work on a tour within 24 hours of receipt of payment and of the media kit information from the Author.
  4. Author Media UK will produce a media information kit from the information supplied by the Author.
  5. Author Media UK will produce a tour banner from the information supplied by the Author for issue with the media information kit.
  6. Author Media UK will approach suitable tour hosts with a view to securing the required tour stops.
  7. Author Media UK will liaise with the Author throughout the tour.
  8. Once a tour schedule has been agreed and finalised, if an Author finds it necessary to change a stop or reschedule, there will be a £20 service fee payable before any changes will be made to cover this extra work.  (Note: tour hosts are often booked weeks/months in advance so changing a schedule usually means finding a new stop and Author Media UK contacting more hosts at short notice to secure this)
  9. Author Media UK will promote an Author’s tour on its website.  This will include a dedicated tour page and dedicated author page.
  10. Author Media UK will promote an Author’s tour on their social network pages.
  11. Author Media UK is committed to supporting an Author throughout their tour and if anything is unclear, Authors are encouraged to contact us.
  12. Author Media UK makes no promise or guarantee of positive book reviews during a tour.
  13. Author Media UK does not influence or pay a tour host for a positive review.
  14. Author Media UK makes no promise or guarantee of increased sales during a tour.  Our obligation is to place your book in front of book review bloggers and their readers and provide you with the best tour we can offer at that time.
  15. Author Media UK reserves the right to issue a full refund if we feel a book does not suit our tour hosts’ reading preferences.  This will be done within 72 hours of receipt of the media kit information from the Author, and after careful review.
  16. Normal business hours are Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays) 10am to 6pm.
  17. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice from time to time at our sole discretion.  All changes are posted on this page and openly available to view.